Druid on the Run: why I chose to drop weight

A few people in my daily life have noticed that I am a little slimmer than before, and I wanted to explain my thinking process that lead to the decision.  I had a separate blog at one point called “Druid on the Run” (title used with permission from the Ditzy Druid).  It fell by the wayside after I left working at the University.  I am now reviving the title in this blog as hopefully a regular series.

Most weight loss programs seem to be based on vanity- how our society bases a woman’s worth on her beauty, and how in this day and age, fat is considered unattractive.  This has nothing to do with vanity, or appearing sexy, or being “bikini ready”.  This has to do with my health.  Now, I fully believe that a fat person can be healthy.  If you are healthy, and large, and are cool with that, more power to you.

But here’s what’s going on with me:

I had a major back injury in April.  I was off work for an entire month.  At first, everything was difficult.  I could barely get my own socks and shoes on or shower, much less care for others as a personal support worker who showered and put socks on others.  I almost needed my own PSW.  My muggle job was so good about it.  They were really understanding and respectful of my pain and restrictions.  I was offered modified duty in the office.  At that point it was not even known if I was going back to work at all.  I thought that the office was what I wanted- regular hours, working downtown, and so on.  But, I found the work of filing and alphabetizing mindnumbingly boring.  I missed my clients.  I missed making a difference.  95% of my patients are amazingly appreciative of the work I do.  I have been doing this job for 14 years, and I have become very good at it.  My patients are able to stay in their homes longer, and be healthier because of the work that I do.  It’s very powerful.  I worried about some of them, wondering how they were doing.  I really enjoy working with the elderly.  Both of my grandmas are gone, and I have no contact with my mother, so instead, I have the wisdom of a few dozen grannies.  I get called an angel a few times a week.  I could have probably stayed on modified in the office a few more weeks, but I really missed my clients.  So I hit physio, massage and chiropractic hard.  And I went back to work after a month.

My weight does affect my ability to do my job.  I am very often needing to squeeze into small bathroom, or wedge myself behind a lift.  I am constantly covered in bruises from doing this.  Shedding a few inches would make this a lot easier, and a lot safer for both me and my patients.

I have had several back injuries in my life.  And my knees are starting to ache.  This may be just the effect of aging, but having probably an extra 100lbs of weight on my frame does not help at all.  These joints need to last until retirement, or probably longer.

I am also noticing that, of my elderly patients, the ones who are doing well, well into their 90s, are the ones who stayed physically active.  I have patients whom I maybe just help in and out of the shower twice a week, or help them with other tasks, but find that the ones who are independent later in life, are the seniors who power walked in the mall, played golf every sunny day, go for nightly strolls, or went on ski trips.  These patients are far healthier, in both mind and body, than their non-active counterparts who watch TV all day.  Studies have shown that because regular exercise is a factor in good cadiovascular health, good circulation promotes good brain health and decreases the risk of dementia.  A lifetime of regular exercise has also been shown to decrease both cancer and heart attack or stroke in the elderly.  So although I may be healthy and fat now, if I would like to enjoy my golden years, I need to promote good health now.

I have had two real life inspirations.  My friend and neighbour Deb has dropped 100 lbs!  She started by cutting out alcohol, using an app to track calories, eating more plants, and going for nightly walks with her husband.  She has since joined a gym and her whole family gets into some hard core work outs.

My sister is working on a similar sensible way to drop weight.  She has developed a love for salads, stops eating after 8pm, and walks at least an hour a day.  She also regularly goes to a gym, and sees a dietitian.  In less than three months, she is down 25 lbs.

So, my first step was to see my doctor.  I’m not stupid, I know how to lose weight, theoretically.  Any successful weight loss program for me has to address the psychological issues that lead to my weight gain, and not just be about food or exercise.  My doc diagnosed me with binge eating disorder, and prescribed a medication that curbs compulsive eating.  We discussed reasonable goals and time frames.  My doc also talked about increasing vegetables, and working out until I break a sweat daily.  She told me that I don’t need an expensive gym membership, just find a few videos online and do them in my living room.  In my NET therapy sessions, we have been doing a lot of work around issues and beliefs about poverty, food and safety.  I have examined how I feel about skinny women, how I feel about being a fat woman, and how that has impacted my relationships with others.

Now, I am trying to make better choices about food, eating more plants and less processed foods.  I have drastically cut down on alcohol, having 2-3 drinks a week instead of 2-3 a night.  Exercising for the point of exercise is hard for me, so I need to incorporate it in my life.  So I am working in my yard an hour a day.  This doesn’t mean kneeling down and gently planing a petunia.  This means sawing down dead trees, chopping wood, digging through clay, carrying bags of mulch, etc.  You will notice that I use to language “drop”, instead of “lose”.  When you lose something, it’s a bad thing, and you want to find it.  It’s a lot easier to drop something and never pick it up.  I can also use “let go” or “release”, but that sounds a little corny.

I met with my doc for a follow up.  So far, according to her scale, I am down 12 lbs.  88 more to go.

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Rebranding Coming Soon

Hi all,

There will be some big changes to the website and the business coming soon.

First of all will be the name change.  I don’t think that I can change my Facebook page name after I hit 200 likes, so that will be the same.  But, I am finding the term “Druidry” to not be an accessible word to my target audience.  I mean, pagans know the word, but they are not my target market.  I think I may be losing business because the word is not recognizable.

I am looking at my own practice, and starting to see that, though the Celtic stuff is really important to me, it can sometimes have an odour of nationalism.  I find that I am doing somewhat more post modern/chaos magic stuff lately, than I am reconstructionist.  And more and more, I am finding that my client’s needs are not satisfied with my druid practice.

I don’t want to call it “Maple Tree Tarot”.  I do so much more than tarot.  I am looking at expanding my services to also include house blessings/ banishings, spell workshops, meditation classes, homesteading classes and so much more.  I am learning palmistry and astrology, and also hope to eventually offer reiki and hypnosis.  Also, some online services have been known to cancel the accounts of businesses that have the word “tarot” in the title- a practice which is discriminatory and unfair.

I have sat down with a business coach and my graphic designer, and have settled on the name “Maple Tree Magic”.  Hoping to roll this out for September 1st.  Please be patient as the website may be under construction from time to time.

But I am still available, as always, for tarot readings, tea leaf readings, dream analysis and parties.

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I don’t want the egg, I want the Eagle

Every reader has their own style of tarot.  Me?  I see the higher self.  I see the potential.  I see who the person truly is.  When I am reading for a client, I am able to help them gain insight into being their authentic selves, and find their true purpose.  Some are open to listening and heed my advice, some choose to stay stuck.  It is ultimately their choice.

And then that gift get applied to dating.  I see the true self, the higher self of a partner.  I see the amazing potential that they have.  And I fall deeply in love with who they really are.  I am not trying to change them, not making them a project.  I see them for who they really are and really can be, and I want to support them to get there.

I make the “one day wager”- the bet that one day, he’ll get his shit together and rise to his potential, that one day he’ll treat me the way his values dictate, that one day, we can meet as the equal person that we are.  And in this bet, I wager my time, my affection, my money, my effort, my tears.  I invest everything on in my “one day wager”.  And I have always lost.  Every time.

Do you realize that, even though I’m a home care PSW who makes shit wages, that I have been the breadwinner, supporting every boyfriend I have ever had?  In all of my relationships, I have only ever dated one man who had his own car?  Why did I do this?  Because I saw their potential.  If they could just stand up and be that person!  I saw that we could travel the world together, build a future together, and be two amazing people who have come together for this awesome life.

But, the thing that is different between my tarot clients and my past boyfriends comes down to one word- motivation.  My clients are motivated to live to their highest potential.  My boyfriends are quite content with mediocrity as I pay the hydro and cart their ass around town.   My boyfriends are comfortable with maggots in their kitchen, bathrooms that have not been cleaned since Chretien was in office, and taking the bus in -40 weather to jobs they hate.  Yet, through all the cheer leading and encouragement for them to be their best selves, for all the money, time, and effort I invest, in the end, they are to ones who break my heart.  I hear this “you deserve someone better” line.  Um, yeah, I deserve you, you dumb ass!  That real you.  That higher you that I fell in love with!  You’d really rather lose me than get your shit together and try adulting?  And the stuff I’m expecting is not hard or unreasonable.  It’s stuff like -do your taxes for the past 10 years -divorce your wife who left you 3 years ago, or at least get a separation agreement -participate in cleaning the home that we share -buy toilet paper before we run out -talk to your doctor about your heartburn.  You know, the basic stuff all grown ups need to do.

In trying online dating again, I have drawn some bottom lines.  And I have been accused for being “too judgmental” on things like insisting that my partner have a career, an education, and their own vehicle.  This isn’t judgment.  This is discernment.  Any partner who gets me, also gets someone who is educated, owns a home, has a car, and works.  I don’t want to make that One Day wager.  I don’t want to be with a man betting on the potential for what he one day may be motivated to be.  I’ve wasted too much of my life on mediocre, lazy manchildren.  I don’t want the egg.  I want the Eagle.

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May Newsletter 2017

May is my favourite month! Yes, it’s also my birthday month, but it’s a time of year when life has fully returned to this corner of the world. The trees and flowers are in full bloom. The birds are singing every morning. Animal younglings are everywhere. Foraged foods like wild asparagus, wild leeks and fiddleheads can be found.  To me, May symbolizes hope.  We survived another winter.

The first of May is also a very important holiday in the Celtic calendar. It is Bealtinne! Well, technically, Bealtinne starts April 30th at dusk. Some consider this to be a very lusty holiday. In ancient Europe, it was the beginning of the warm season and a start to the agricultural year. It is one of the “hinges” of the year, 6 months until Summer’s End, known as Samhain (or Hallowe’en).

10 G-rated ways to celebrate Bealtinne

As said above, Bealtinne is sometimes considered a very lusty holiday, and often those with families or single people can be made to feel left out. Here are some ways to celebrate that can be apropriate for all ages.

  1. Have/ attend a bonfire! The flame and smoke of the Bealtinne fires were considered sacred. Use the smoke to cleanse yourself. Walk in between or around fires (being very careful of course). Write out things that you want to let go of and cast the paper into the fire.
  2. Wash your face in morning dew. This was thought to help young maidens retain their useful appearance
  3. Start preparing the garden. Fertility isn’t just about sex. You can start to prepare the soil for a good harvest by tilling, weeding and mixing in good soil or compost. Prepare the Earth Mother to receive literal seeds.
  4. Have a fairie picnic. Sit under a tree in bloom, and serve little finger sandwiches, fruit, elderflower drink and sasparilla (rootbeer). You can make little wands by dipping pretzel sticks in icing and dusting with sprinkles. Remember to leave an offering for the Wee Folk.
  5. Trim the elderflower tree. It’s the one day of year when it’s safe to do so and not evoke the wrath of the Wee Folk.
  6. Decorate your home with fresh flowers and hang rowan on your door.
  7. Go for a walk in the woods and notice the changes of the seasons. Take a garbage bag and clean up from other hikers. Sometimes the best offering is your labour.
  8. Make barley or oat cakes, or cook with flowers.
  9. See if there are any local Morris dancers in your area. They are a May tradition and a lot of fun.
  10. Open all the windows and let some fresh air in. Even if only for a few minutes, it will lift your spirits and cleanse your home’s energy.

May events

I have a very busy month ahead, with several fantastic events

May 6th– Delizioso Spring Open House 1pm-5pm.  Prebooking is encouraged  https://www.facebook.com/events/1306439012780762/

May 7th– The Hive Mothers Day Tea  https://www.facebook.com/events/1774729862838363/

May 8th– London Tarosophers Meetup.

Join us for the rebirth of the London Tarosophers meet up!  It’s also my birthday and there’s no other way that I’d rather celebrate than by talking about tarot.  Join the group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1393699944027748/

May 13th– Love Spells at The Hive

Love is in the air! Introduction to Love Spells workshop

I am pleased to announce an exciting new event at The Hive, where I will be offering a workshop aimed to increase love in your life. Whether to spice up an existing romance, or open the doors for someone new, this workshop will show you how to use your own power to make your life more romantic. This is an inclusive event for all orientations and identities.  Cost $40 per person.  Registration is required. https://www.facebook.com/events/209515512882708/

May 14th– Book a reading for yourself, and Mom can have a reading free! Doesn’t even have to be your mom, can be an auntie, friend, or mum to a fur baby.  A complimentary selection of fresh scones, fruit trays and Steeped tea will be provided for you to enjoy.  https://www.facebook.com/events/292059207885423/

May 15th- Steeped Launch Party!  That’s right!  I’m now an Steeped Independent Consultant.  This is my first party.  email me if you would like to be a part of this mapletreedruidry@gmail.com

May 16th- Answers for Women Expo Chartwell Riverside 6:30pm-9:00pm https://www.facebook.com/events/220033325120308/

May 19th– Occult Workshop at Eldon House

Join me and learn about the Victorian fascination with fortune-telling and the occult. Guests will learn the art of tarot card reading as well as tea leaf reading and palmistry and will be invited to practice their new skills with one another, and view demonstrations from a practicing expert.  Registration is required.  http://www.eldonhouse.ca/events/

May 20th Love and Light Psychic Fair Sarnia  https://www.facebook.com/events/1260877530665049/

May 27th– Tarot at The Hive. Pre-booking is recommended.  https://www.facebook.com/events/118013032085622/

May 28th– Twin Flames Psychic Fair Brantford  https://www.facebook.com/events/1618132871828748/

As always, I am available for private readings and parties. Book your reading at MapleTreeDruidry.com

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Hard Times Require Furious Magick

Haven’t been blogging much, but I’ve missed it.

The year started out pretty well.  But then March hit, and all of the sudden my life sounded like the lyrics to a country song.

My private client became too taxing to care for as I watched her and her husband self destruct.  My roommate moved out.  Previous roommate decided to take me to court for bullshit reasons (it’ll all be thrown out Wednesday, but court is expensive).  Boyfriend ended our relationship on a moment’s notice. All this left my monthly income $1420 per month under budget.  My dog needs to be put down.  I need to pay about $800 to get my license sticker.  Bills just kept mounting.  So I did the math and realized that if I put in an extra 10 hours a week, that I would be okay.  But I only get paid 45 minutes on the hour, so an extra 10 hours a week on my already 50 hours a week schedule, meant a 75 hour work week, on top of my tarot business and my new direct sales venture selling tea.  I tried reaching out to friends for support, but everyone was just too busy or too far away for something as simple as a hug.  Two members of my family were unbelievably rude at Easter.  I called them on their horrid behaviour, and I became uninvited to dinner and they stopped talking to me.  My father’s health is poor, and I may not even get to say goodbye.  I tried organizing a tea party and a birthday party, and response rate was less than 5%, leaving me to feel more alone than ever.  And then I had a workplace injury, and then another 6 weeks later.  It’s clear that my career as a PSW is over, as is my income stream.  I am in so much pain that I can’t grocery shop, or pump my own gas.  My thoughts started seeping further and further down, until I started researching suicide methods.  I tried reaching out to friends, you know the ones who are always posting memes about how they will always listen if a friend is suicidal?  But of course, they were too busy.

Then I realized, something isn’t right.  That’s a hell of a lot of shit for one person to endure in a month.  Either this is a curse, which I doubt, I haven’t pissed anyone off that much lately.  Or, I have fallen into a crossed condition, which seems far more likely.  By the way, if I am cursed, and you reading this are the one that did it, big mistake.  Big.  Huge.  You don’t play a player.

It’s not like I don’t know how to cure a crossed condition.  I mean, I am a bad ass and gifted mage.  I can handle this.  I don’t need to tolerate living in this condition.  This is fixable.  So, I’m getting to work, doing the hard work of magick.  I will get out of this.  That’s what magick is for.


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New Service: Dream Analysis!

“What did this dream mean?”

This is probably the most common question that I am asked from friends and clients.  Freud said that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.  They provide valuable insight into who we are and where we are going.

I have always had a interest in dreams, and I have been analyzing them since I was a young girl.  I am now extending the service professionally.  I am going to start this at $20 for the time being and see how it goes.  If you are interested, I highly recommend keeping a dream journal, and recording as much imagery as possible as soon as you wake/ remember.

Please email to take advantage of this service.  mapletreedruidry@gmail.com

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The Labour Pains of My Newsletter

As my business grows, I have come to understand that reaching clients through email is essential.  August of 2015, I took a MailChimp course through the London chapter of Women in Business.  It was a great course, and taught me all I needed to know to get started.

And then I tried.

And was blocked.

I was blocked for a number of reasons.  One was CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislature).  Breaching this law could result in fines of a million dollars.  As I tried to work on my newsletter, MailChimp actually shut down my account three times for violating it in one way or another.  There were tears.  I realized that, despite the cheeky culture of MailChimp, I really don’t like it.  I was reminded that I have this blog, with hundreds of people who have signed up of their own volition.  I like WordPress.  I am comfortable with WordPress. When I was blogging regularly, I would get about 10 000-15 000 hits a year!  Now, I only blog maybe once a month, so this may be the perfect platform to use.  I would like to increase my blogging back to once a week, but still, this is a good foundation for the monthly newsletter.

So I know the where, but not the what.  I have writer’s block.  What would potential clients actually want to read about monthly?  I wrote a short newsletter for May, but it was all about Bealtinne, and nothing about tarot.  When my business is tarot, shouldn’t I write about that?  I put out a Facebook post (yes, I am trying Facebook again) asking what my friends would like to read about, and it turns out that Magick 101 stuff is foremost on their list.  I’m afraid of bugging people.  Do people actually want to hear from me?  It turns out- YES!  many in fact love and miss my writing.

A lot of my issues with the newsletter are about confidence.  Being a tarot reader, I am often expected to know everything, and be perfect (or at least that is my perception of what’s expected).  I’m very good at what I do.  I help a lot of people improve their lives through the insights I provide.  But I’m still human.

The newsletter, to me right now, is the last step in fully “going pro”.  I worry about success and failure.  If I never succeed, if I stay stagnant, then I can never fail, right?  But the truth is, success and failure are not one time things.  Yes, I will have set backs.  Yes, there will be ups and downs, slow times and busy times, but the trick is to keep moving forward.  I’m not exactly the type of person that someone would call a quitter.  So many women suffer from Impostor Syndrome, the feeling that we are not good enough, not authentic enough, to be professionals at our passions.  This is an issue that I am working on.

I woke up this morning to a video from an old friend whom I recently reconnected with.  The video was about the uncomfortability and pain that is inevitable with success.  This is also the woman who said to me when I was 16 “It’s okay to be afraid, but feel the fear and do it anyway”.  Those words stuck with me.  I am going to have to just do it.

So today, I will complete the May newsletter, and set a publication date for April 30th.  It will be imperfect, but done is better than perfect.

Here’s the video that I was gifted.  May it bring you the same inspiration it brought me:


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My Letter to Kathleen Wynne

Hi Kathleen,

Last election, I came very close to voting for the NDP, but changed my mind last minute and voted for you, entrusting the province to you and your party.

Now, I love what you’ve done with the sex ed curriculum.  Teaching children about consent culture, anti-bullying, and predator protection was a much needed change.

But that’s not why I am writing you.

About the same time that I cast my ballot in your direction, I purchased my first home.  At the time I was a single mom, working as a PSW.  I was so happy to have my dream of home ownership come true!  I had worked so hard for this moment.  I got a great deal on the mortgage, and had monthly payments about the same as the rent on a two bedroom apartment.

I have taught my daughter from an early age about caring for the environment, and have tried to be a good example about reducing our carbon foot print.  I drive the most efficient vehicle that I can afford.  We turn the lights off.  We use a programmable thermostat and wear sweaters instead of cranking the heat.  We only run appliances during off peak hours, which as a shift worker, means that I am often up doing laundry until two of three in the morning, because I can’t afford to do laundry during daytime hours before work..

But despite all my efforts, the hydro bill keeps going up and up.  So many time we were unable to pay, and came close to disconnection.  I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, and going without necessities.  In August, I paid over $800 to London Hydro!!!  My credit is shot.  I paid the hydro over paying credit cards and student loans, and was forced to declare bankruptcy.  I can afford the mortgage on the house, but I cannot afford to keep the lights on in the house.  I now need to sell my dream home.  My credit is so bad that I may never own a home again.

I’m afraid that a 25% rebate is much too little, and far too late.

You have ruined my life.

I will not be voting for you in the next election.


Caroline Whitehead

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Breaking the Strawberry Fast


The more I study both Celtic and Aboriginal North American spirituality, the more I see beautiful and subtle similarities between them.  They are of course, both respected traditions in their own right, but I think it’s important to look at what the two traditions have in common.  This summer I was finally able to finish the last credit of my degree by completing “Introduction to Indigenous Spirituality”, thanks to a loan from two of my favourite people.

One class, the professor had us all go outside and find a spot on the grass in a circle.  Talking circles were an essential part of every class.  He passed around some fresh strawberries.  We were each to take two.   We went around in turn.  With the first strawberry, we shared with our circle one thing that bought us joy, and then ate the first strawberry.  One student, raised in Native tradition, told us that there was medicine in the green tops, and that we should eat them too.  So we ate our strawberry whole.  With our second strawberry, we were to think about ways that we could bring joy to others.  This was a touching and powerful ritual.  It helped us to realize the power that we had to impact the lives of others, something that I think I have taken for granted.  We can choose to be a source of joy for others.  This changed the way I thought about my interactions with others, and certainly changed the way I thought about strawberries.

One class, we had a lady elder come talk to the women.  She told us about the role of women in Aboriginal communities, and about the traditions associated with women.  One lesson that was very interesting was about the rite of menses for young girls.  Once a young woman starts menstruating, she is to fast from strawberries for one whole year.  No strawberry candies, no strawberry juice, no strawberry ice cream, nada.  She encouraged the ladies in the group, all well past menses, and some into menopause, to try this exercise.

Indigenous people aren’t the only ones who fast from berries.  Celts would also traditionally would not eat berries (typically blackberries) from Samhain to Imbolc.  This was for an entirely different reason.  Any berries left on the vines after Samhain belonged to the Puka, a type of land Spirit (someday I’ll write more on these guys).

So I thought that I would try a berry fast.  I had an idea about what I wanted to accomplish.  I didn’t want this to be punitive.  I wanted to enjoy the process and not feel like I was suffering.  I wanted to go easy on myself if I accidentally lapsed.  I also did not want to refuse my host if I was offered berries, as I didn’t want to be a bad guest.  Above all, Druids value ghosti- the sacred relationship between guest and host.  And a few times I did have some.  I was at the movies and had some Frutopia, the only non-carbonated, non caffeinated drink available.  My best friend made raspberry turnovers and offered me one.  A client offered me some strawberry cake.  But for the most part, I did not partake in stawberries, raspberries or blackberries.

And then came the day when I could break my fast.  I remembered Kayley from the show Firefly when she had her first strawberry after being in deep space for years.  It was so valuable and rare that it was used as fare to board the ship.  She took the big, ripe berry out of the small wooden box, examined it as one would a precious jewel, and took a bite, savouring every bit of the experience.


And that was what it was like eating my first strawberry after months of fasting.  It brought a deep sense of joy.  It brought a sense of hope that spring would return.  It brought a sense of luxury, as berries had not been in my home for months.  But it also brought an appreciation for my ancestors who didn’t have access to year round fresh fruit shipped in from California.  It made me think of those living in Northern Canada who don’t have any access to the precious source of vitamin C, or if they do, it could cost over $20 a pint.  I felt incredibly grateful for my strawberry, and incredibly appreciative of the experience.  I don’t know if I’ll do it again next year, but I certainly got a lot out of it.

What brings you joy?

How can you bring joy to others?

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Just when is the solstice anyways

There’s confusion about this every year.  Yes, you can technically celebrate anything, anyway you want.  Technically.  But when your entire religious calendar is solar based, it’s kinda important to get this right.  I mean, Christians don’t just pick a random day, and call it Christmas, so I am not sure why there is so much confusion about Yule.  Now, I totally get why a grove, coven, or other group may choose a day that is convenient for everyone, but if you are just celebrating on your own, on what you believe to be the longest night of the year, or if your belief system is that you are holding vigil while “The Goddess” gives birth, don’t you think it’s a little important to actually have the right day?

The answer to this question is easy.  Most neo-pagan high days are based on either Celtic or Norse traditions.  The day starts at dusk THE DAY BEFORE!

Think about this… if you grew up with Christmas, what night did Santa come?  Christmas Eve, of course!  What day did Shakespeare’s tale of magick and woodland fae take place?  Midsummer’s Eve!  We celebrate the Eve Of Bealtinne, the Eve of Imbolc, so I am not sure why this is such a hard concept to celebrate the Eve of Yule.

The exact time of the Winter Solstice is 5:44 am EST on December 21st.  That means that Yule starts at 4:53 pm on December 20th.  If you are planning on keeping vigil, tonight is the night.  Not tomorrow.  Tonight.  This is the Eve of Yule.  Any questions?

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