About Me

Hello! My name is Caroline Whitehead, and I have been reading tarot for most of my adult life. Tarot is my passion, purpose and drive. I have read tarot for everyone from A-list Hollywood celebrities to politicians to clients in my community. What I have learned is that tarot is an invaluable tool that can give insight to everyone.

I have a degree in psychology from Western University, and a background in healthcare. I feel most happy when I am helping people, and making a tangible positive difference in their life. Tarot allows me to help my clients in a meaningful way to work past their barriers and live life to their fullest. I always do my best to exercise compassion and integrity towards my clients.

I read tarot from my home in the Whitehills area in beautiful London, Ontario. I have a teenage daughter, and a small, but very friendly rescue pooch named Spirit.

In my spare time, I enjoy textile arts, gardening, hiking, blogging and making mead, as well as urban homesteading.

Closeup of Caroline