#domagick The L-Bomb: Day 14

Today’s ritual was much smoother.  Yesterday, I had a revelation about my personal nature, and about myself as a tarot reader.  I’ve often listened to myself as an observer when I read for clients and I’m in the flow.  I think “wow!  Where did THAT come from?  Where was that advice during my hard time?  Why can’t I give myself that advice when I need it?”.  And now, I have that answer.

I have a background in psychology.  Most of my focus was on neuroscience, and the biology of behaviour, but I did study other areas.  I resisted and rejected Jung for a long time, mostly because of his views on women.  He advocated violence towards masculine women, suggesting that she needed her animus beaten out of her.  Some of his other ideas could be really kooky.  Most new agers who claim to support Jung, have never actually read Jung.  I have.

But, some other theories grew on me.  Every tarot reader has their own theory on where the reading comes from.  Me?  I don’t think it comes from “Spirit” (neither my dog, nor the monotheistic concept of god that some new agers call Spirit.  I don’t call myself psychic.  I don’t think that it comes from angels or demons or ghosts.  I believe that I am tapping into the collective unconscious.  Very often, my clients are going through almost identical issues that I am facing.  It’s like the thing that binds us together, and that’s why they are drawn to me.  The sanskrit mantra “Namaste” means something like “The divine in me recognizes and honours the divine in you”.  And that’s it right there.  My gift as a tarot reader, and wider, as a leader, has always been to see the highest potential as a person, and seek to encourage them to bring that out.  I see the divine in them.  But perhaps, the part of me that sees the divine in them, is actually the divine in me.  I don’t read tarot, my higher self does.  When I am doing this ritual, when I am looking in the mirror, it is my higher self that is expressing love to me.  I typically experience a floating high after the ritual.  And no, there’s nothing in the tea.

This “higher self” is an archetype.  Archetypes are another Jungian theory that I have come to embrace.  I see the 22 Major Arcana as archetypes.  This is the High Priestess expressing love of the Empress, to The Fool, through the Magician.  Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.  And I just fell in love with tarot a little bit more.

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