#domagick The L-Bomb: Day 10

To preface this entry, I should note that I am not Wiccan, that I do not identify as a witch, and that as a Druid, I do not subscribe to “harm none” or “rule of 3”.  I will at some point write an entry about the ethics of curses, but at this point, let’s just say that Druids have a tradition of laying curses when wronged, and that Celts are not door mats when someone has slighted them.

So, I haven’t laid a curse in quite a while.  It’s not something that I do a lot, or something that I do lightly.  It’s serious business and hard work.  But I have found that, over the past few years, I have let a lot of things slide that I shouldn’t have.  As I learn to love myself, I am now thinking “Hey, that was NOT okay!”.  But yet, I took way too many things laying down.  I didn’t value myself enough to right some serious wrongs.

One wouldn’t think that a daily ritual on love would involve cursing, but I now care enough about myself to stand up for myself.  I’m not talking about someone who cut me off in traffic, or the waitress getting my order wrong.  I am talking about those who have taken deliberate and malicious acts towards me, that have had a negative impact on my life, that I just let them get away with.  Not okay.

So now, I am setting a standard of how I am to be treated, and those who act deliberately malicious towards me will be made an example of.  My shit list sounds like Arya Stark’s right now.

Challenge is now 1/3 completed.

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